d.ssa Michela pessot

In the eighth chapter of Ling-Shu (“Spiritual Pivot”, classic manual of Traditional Chinese Medicine 600 a.C.) it is declared that any disease finds its origin in the “shen”, meaning that every disease has a psychic origin, in addition to the physic origin. For this reason, after completing my Medical Studies in Turin, I decided to specialise in Psychiatry. The choice was not an easy one, as my great love for medicine and caring for people led me to spend several years in endocrinology, oncology and gynaecology-obstetrics departments before deciding to specialise in Psychiatry. After specializing in Psychiatry, I worked for 15 years as hospital doctor, in the public health system. In 2008, my great passion for medicine, science and nature drove me to leave my hospital job to resume my studies and dedicate myself to the freelance work, in order to be free to treat the human being with an overall vision, embracing the wisdom of ancient medicine with current science. The current discipline of PNEI (psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology) sums up my way of treating and with this purpose, in addition to my psychiatric skills, I use phytotherapy and homeopathy. After 6 years of study, which have enabled me to obtain a diploma as a Medical Expert in Complementary Medicine (phytotherapy, homeopathy, nutrition), since 2013 I have been attending seminars and supervision by Dr Dario Spinedi, the illustrious homeopath and director of the Homeopathic Oncology Clinic, Orselina-Locarno (Switzerland). The clinic treats patients suffering from oncological, autoimmune, chronic degenerative and psychiatric diseases. In addition, my personal history has led me to devote a great deal of time to children, mothers and the mother-baby unit. During the years of hospital work, I was part of the Multidisciplinary Team on child abuse and maltreatment and from 2011 to 2013; I held the position of Honorary Juvenile Judge at the Juvenile Court of Piedmont and Aosta Valley. Part of my work deals with the accompaniment of mothers during pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium and the study and treatment of behavioural disorders in children and adolescents. The other part of my work focuses on the prevention and treatment of chronic degenerative, oncological and psychiatric diseases. In 2016, my training was recognised as meeting the requirements to be enrolled in the public register of experts in non-conventional medicine for the disciplines of Homeopathy and Phytotherapy by the Council of the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Turin. I founded the Centro Medico Hildegarda in Turin, named after the famous Benedictine mystical nun; author of medical texts still used today, artist and composer of sacred music. I also express my love of nature and healing in art. Watercolour technique, painting and sculpture.

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